Pool Tournament at the Commons in Takapuna

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Company Competition is alive and well! Our latest “healthy competitive” intercompany event was held in Takapuna on Friday 5th October 2018 at the Commons in Takapuna.

With all four companies fiercely competing for their time in the sun (or name on the cup) it came down to the wire but the final game was clearly won by Build Partners represented by Heath and Jacques. Land Partners took out second place with Property Partners in 3rd position. Clearly the DNA of a construction employee requires a misspent youth! Why else would they keep winning? We have a new employment strategy with extra points given in our interview process if you excel at sport in ANY company except Build so we can topple them! Either that or we find a sport or event that Land, Design or Property could hope to excel in! There is always next time….We all consoled ourselves with a cold beverage, some great platters and of course the opportunity to catch up with the extended team who are spread across Auckland during the work week, so it wasn’t all bad!