Greenfields Subdivision - 12 new lots in Riverhead project 1

Greenfields Subdivision - 12 new lots in Riverhead

Land Partners is the lead consultant, on behalf of our client, for the design, resource consenting and engineering approval, and for the construction of this twelve lot vacant Greenfields subdivision in Riverhead.

As the client representative we provided all the surveying, planning and engineering design to obtain all the council approvals. Our Engineering team took this project from concept to consent approval including resource consent application, specialist design for waste water and engineering approval. We briefed and engaged all external consultants including traffic, ecology, wastewater engineer and geotechnical services to meet the challenging requirements of this subdivision. With resource consent now granted the team are undertaking all on site observations for engineering while the survey team are working through the legal requirements of 12 new land titles. Our group of companies ‘Design Partners’ and ‘Build Partners’ have also been engaged to design and build 12 new houses on these new sections for our client. We have tendered the civil works and appointed contractors to build the houses which have been designed by Design Partners while Build Partners will undertake the construction of this subdivision.


This project is an example of how our group of companies work best, providing a total project development service for our clients, from subdivision to design and construction.