Tuakau Primary School: Innovative Learning Needs Innovative Environments

Monday, June 19, 2017

Design Partners have recently been appointed as Architects to create a new innovative, modern, learning environment for Tuakau Primary School.

Working with Watershed Project Management and K&K Structures we have been asked to convert an existing classroom building into an inspiring environment for learning that compliments the new modern teaching pedagogy.

The existing classroom block consists of 4 traditional cellular classrooms off a central corridor. The desire is to open this up as much as possible to increase learning connections between student groups.

Modern learning is often referred to as just making a big open plan space. However, in reality, it is about creating a range of spaces that allow students to learn in an environment in which they feel comfortable. We all learn better in environments that suit us and meet our individual needs. Large or small interactive groups, working on your own, whole class learning, wet areas, relaxed areas, quiet areas all need to be catered for in the space to suit individual learning. By creating a variety of flexible spaces the learning environment can be adapted to suit the needs of the teacher, the class in session and the individual, a win-win situation for all.

As with all learning environment projects there is a limited, finite budget that we need to operate within. In this project there is a lot of work to do to open up the existing classroom block before we get into the adaptive spaces and finishes. However, we like a challenge and will need to be clever with the budget to help the school achieve their desired vision of an exciting open plan community that inspires innovative learning. Our team love working with schools to help children achieve their dreams in an inspiring environment.