Postmodernism; Retro or back to the future

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Postmodernism; Retro or back to the future…you choose. Whatever the label our team have gone old school and invested in the ancient art of model making to bring our buildings alive.

When you spend all day living in a 3d world and your head in a computer model it is refreshing to have our designs come to life in a tactile structure that evokes an almost forgotten time when architects had the time to create their images to proudly show the client a miniature of their dream.

Design Partners decided to invest in an Architectural student (who happened to have a degree in product design as well) to create a series of models that reflected the range of buildings the team was working on. From an off grid self-sustainable home on the beach to a high rise apartment building we are delighted to highlight Rosivia’s talents. She recently presented these to a full company in house educational seminar which had the team fascinated!