Joint initiative provides new careers for Apprentice Builders

Monday, March 04, 2019

Property Partners Group are delighted to have our first 2 apprentices join us on Monday 25 February from a new pilot programme with a joint agency approach. They are our first two young guys to start their career with Build Partners via a new initiative that we were selected to pilot with a number of social service government agencies including HNZ; MBIE: BCITO; MSD and Tamaki Jobs and Skills Hub. Their goal is to connect with leading companies in construction to partner with them and support young people into construction careers. Both Junior and Tofilua (Toffy) are smart young men we feel privileged to mentor on this journey. They will be been mentored on this project by Adam (Team Leader) on this site in Meadowbank who has recently completed his BCITO apprenticeship so understands well the challenges of learning their craft.