In House Leadership Programme

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Property Partners Group have committed to investing in the development of their talent. We believe in developing our staff and promoting from within. We are not talking technical skills but the often referred to “soft or consulting” skills along with leadership development , to grow the next generation of leaders. We need to identify talent and work with them early on to prepare them for the less technical but more challenging skills of managing and leading people. We want great leaders and people having long term careers within our group; leaders need mentors and a clearly laid out programme to help prepare them for their future now.

Our in house programme started formally last year with team leaders working together to create a new user friendly; workable performance management template that links with our skills matrix to assess and identify the next steps for each individual. This year our leadership series is focused on leadership; getting our people to become aware of their leadership style, how they work within teams and getting the best from their teams in a professional corporate environment. We see this as a great way to provide personal insights and professional development that everyone benefits from.