‚ÄčAn everyday challenge for Engineering; Clever thinking

Friday, March 02, 2018

An everyday challenge for Engineering; Clever thinking

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team requires thinking outside the box, on the spot while working with the wider Group to ensure projects keep moving forward to their schedule.

Yesterday the team were on a new 40 lot subdivision when existing storm water pipework was exposed 6.5 meters down only to show the existing pipes were in very poor condition and the approved connections (which happened to be on a neighbours property) could not go ahead.

Asha (CPENG; Engineering team leader) managed to arrange an immediate onsite meeting with all affected parties and council approved our solution without having to go back through the often lengthy amendment to approval process. Clever thinking and solutions that work are what is needed in a consultant engineer and this everyday issue shows how well our team works together, responds to their colleagues SOS so that the build project continued without any delays to the programme. The benefit of having different disciplines all working under one roof for the benefit of our clients.