A dark day for New Zealand

Monday, March 25, 2019


Friday 15th March was a dark day for New Zealand. With 50 people announced dead from 2 mosques in Christchurch and many more wounded this has affected many people from Christchurch and around the world.
On Friday we invited all to take part in the 2 minutes silence to acknowledge the loss of 50 lives. People from across the country did partake in this and we appreciated everyone showing their support by taking 2 minutes out from their day to sit quietly and reflect on this tragedy.

This was timed to link in with the 1.30pm “Call to Prayer” at Mosques. 2 minutes later at 1.32pm, we are all stopped what we were doing and took time to support the Muslim community as they prayed.

This photo shows one of our sites where the carpenters took time to reflect and support their colleague, who is down in Christchurch supporting his family through this.