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Subdivide & Build - Remuera

When designing and planning a subdivision for a client, the team at Land Partners looks at how best the space could be used. It’s not always a case of simply slicing into regular shaped pieces – instead about creating liveable spaces that will work in real life as well as on paper.

This Remuera Road project saw an example of such thinking – with the client owning a large cross lease section and looking to subdivide into a fee-simple development that would consist of four lots. Planning was key, involving collaboration between Land Partners and Design Partners – to ensure that what was proposed would be successful in securing the necessary land use consents.

The client engaged the services of Design Partners to draw up all of the new homes – a clever move that would mean the resulting homes could complement each other and that the sections were practical.


By maximising space for living and designing site-specifics that allow for things such as driveways and realistic turning access, the shape of lots aren’t always what you’d expect. But they work better.

In this case, because the client knew the reputation and site-savvy smarts of the Land Partners team and their Design Partners counterparts, they were able to create a successful subdivision and design that lived up to its marquee address. Two of the purchasers also went on to enlist the services of sister company Build Partners to construct their new homes for them – a true team effort.



This project illustrates something we strongly believe in. And that is connecting people with homes that are practical, enjoyable spaces – achieved through successful innovation and collaboration.