Pre-application advice – New Lynn project 1

Pre-application advice – New Lynn

Something we do a lot of is working with clients in the initial stages to assess viability for potential development. Recently we assisted a client to complete a Planning and Engineering Site Assessment and prepared basic concept plans to take to Auckland Council as part of a pre-application meeting. The client was interested in subdividing their full section and understanding how it would look when finished and what was involved along the way. This process forms part of many developers’ feasibility process where we can complete a high level assessment of the development potential of your property, identifying any tricky development snags before you progress too far into a development plan. We achieved a great result for our client; they now have a sound understanding of the development potential of their site, they can speak to real estate agents and obtain market value feedback, and understand the ongoing likely costs and timeframes to develop. We look forward to taking them through the next phase of the development.