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Subdivide and Build - Te Atatu



Te Atatu Peninsula still has a few pockets of large residential land - a throwback to its rural orchard days. However, they are often hard to spot - down right-of-ways and occupying space behind others houses, set back from the street. Our client had once such site in Wharf Road.

Their family had owned the land for a quarter of a century and they, and their parents, were happy to continue living there - in the two existing homes. The challenge was to maximise the return on the remaining land without entirely compromising their own respective properties.…

The brief was for someone to take care of it all in a 'master-planned' manner - the creation of the new subdivision and the building of new homes. As the client wanted to take a 'hands-off' approach, he entrusted the project to the profession credentials of Land partners and Design Partners. Wise choice!

The resulting subdivision did not disappoint - with a design of six lots, including the two existing homes three new ones off the street and another that shared street frontage with the new access driveway to the other five. The existing larger home retained extra land but was positioned to allow for potential future development.

During the works, the site's part orchard days caught up with it as contaminated soil had to be removed. Land Partners identified and rectified this swiftly, as well as building retaining walls to managed the peat-rich subsoil. They also collaborated with Design Partners during the construction of the four new homes, to have a pool built into one of the lots. Being partners companies, this process was made infinitely easier.

The privacy and quality of the new homes built by Design Partner guaranteed there was not a single lemon, in this former orchard - and the four land/homes were swiftly snapped up. In fact, all the new owners were very happy (always handy when you live alongside them) and the client's net returns were so much better than predicted, that it almost like comparing apples and oranges.