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Subdivision - Fairview Heights

All this was once paddocks – as far as the eye could see!” is the often-used catch-cry of the nostalgic. And for this client in Fairview Heights it really was true, just 20 years ago. Paddocks and goats.

However, since moving onto their property in the late 1990s, this client had seen that initial ‘rural appeal’ of the area slowly fade as neighbours began subdividing. The urban sprawl north had well and truly taken hold. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

With a substantial lifestyle block on the table, they needed someone with an understanding of the subdivision process and who could provide a complete service – dealing with council and contractors alike. They chose Property Partners for its knowledge, experience and sound processes. And it was those key things that would ultimately save them time and money.

In total, the project created seven new lots of approximately 500m2 each, and the Land Partners team handled everything from start to finish. This included the topographical survey, jigsaw-like layout design, legal surveys, council applications and civil works needed to deliver each shiny new certificate of title.

The client was very happy with all aspects of the project – from concept to contractors, site plan to site works. Their existing house and swimming pool were also removed, and the Property Partners sales team was engaged to sell six of the seven lots.

As for the seventh ?. Well, with such an impressively designed subdivision, it made sense to keep one themselves. “We are pleased at the design of the subdivision. We are happy that they took care of the sale of the sections we wanted to sell – it was a great result in the end.”

Happy clients – as far as the eye can see.