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Auckland Land Subdivision

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Subdivision Feasibility Report

Your subdivision plans start with a comprehensive feasibility report

No Obligation | No Pressure

Subdivide & Build

Our talented and passionate team of designers & building professionals, specialise in the Design & Build of new residential homes in Auckland. We offer a complete end to end package from the first concept design to a full turnkey fixed price build


Subdivide & Sell

Over the last 20 years we have developed a new way of approaching land subdivision that makes it more affordable, eliminates the frustration of dealing with the council, surveyors & contractors and protects the value of your existing home.

Making Subdivisions Affordable

Having to pay the entire cost of subdividing upfront can make it impossible for a lot of kiwis. We’ve developed a process whereby once you’ve paid for the first stage and achieved the initial consent, Property Partners will market your section through a land & house package, secure you an end buyer, and pay a deposit. 

  • Once we have that commitment in place, we complete the subdivision with the knowledge that you will be paid in full for the section upon completion. 
  • This way you don’t actually have to fork out the entire development cost without the security of an end buyer in place.
  • We can also offer many finance options with all the mainstream banks and reputable lending companies. Since the time frames for subdivision are short, if you’ve borrowed money it’s only for a short time.

Mr & Mrs Thompson’s subdivision costs will be $100,000, with a first stage cost of $30,000 this will cover the resource consent.

By working with us they can get a resource consent and secure a real buyer who will pay $300,000 for the section upon completion.

3 Reasons Kiwis Choose to Subdivide With Us

Eliminate Frustration

We offer a full project managment service which means you only deal with one company throughout the entire process - us!

Eliminate The Middleman

We market your section for you, and because we’re not real estate agents there’s no commission to pay. This will save you money.

Protect Your Home

Because we work with the section buyer to design their new home we make sure that itís designed well and in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood.

Subdividing can be a daunting experience

That’s why we’ve created a No Obligations subdivision feasibility report which gives you all the information you need in one easy to understand, personalised report. 

No Obligation | No Pressure

Top 3 subdivision mistakes people make

& how to avoid them

We’ve been subdividing sections in Auckland for a long time. During that time we’ve heard every horror story that can possibly happen. We’ve decided to share the top 3 mistakes that will cost you money

Not protecting the value of your existing home

It’s important to protect the value of your existing home. You can do this by having control over what is going to be built next door. Once your section is sold you lose control over the design of future developments. 

We always work with you and the buyer to ensure a good fit, and make sure the house is well designed and is in keeping with the values in the neighbourhood.


Understanding the real cost of subdivision

We have all heard horror stories of major cost blowouts, generally caused by inexperience and significant time delays with contractors and council.

We project manage your subdivision every step of the way, from the pre-application meeting with council, through to construction of the subdivision and achieving your new Title with LINZ. As your project manager it’s our job to ensure maximum efficiency in both time and cost.


Choosing the right professionals to manage the process

Too often people rely on the wrong company to manage their subdivisions, or try to manage it themselves. Unfortunately for them this is a complex process and requires a lot more than just surveying and preparing council applications.
What inevitably happens is you end up project managing the majority of the subdivision yourself. And unless you are experienced, it usually ends up costing you significant time and money.

Large Scale Subdivisions

Subdividing larger blocks of land requires more in-depth planning, surveying & engineering experience. Our team has extensive experience in this field across Auckland.


The Auckland Unitary Plan & Land Subdivision

There are major changes on the way that will effect your subdivision feasibility. If you’re even considering subdividing in the future you need to know how the unitary plan is going to change the Auckland housing market.

We stay up to date with the latest developments so that we can offer the best advice to you during this changing time.

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