Land Partners

Specialists in Auckland residential subdivisions, our Land Partners senior management team has decades of experience across all disciplines of planning, surveying and engineering. Furthermore, we have a full understanding of the Auckland Unitary Plan and work closely with Council to understand their policies and procedures so that projects are smooth and efficient.

At Land Partners we can help you make the most out of your site.

Design Partners

Design Partners love great architecture and design. We understand that every space is different and every person brings a unique idea of what they want from that space - which is why we approach every project with a clean sheet, an open mind and genuine enthusiasm.

Our passion for bespoke design and timeless architecture can be seen in the variety of projects that we deliver. Regardless of your budget or vision, we will create an environment that reflects who you are and enhances the way you live, work or play.

Build Partners

At Build Partners we know that Kiwis have a love affair with building and renovating homes. Our knowledge of time-proven and modern methods and materials offers countless ways to bring individual visions to life. We have a passion for excellence and work hard to deliver new or redeveloped homes that meet our clients' expectations of quality and budget.

We are also qualified Master Builders with a 10 year Master Builders Guarantee - giving you peace of mind to go with your piece of paradise. At Build Partners, we make designs a reality.